Sandberg Graduation Exhibition
Het Hem, Zandaam, the Netherlands

Curated by BLESS & Jeppe Ugelvig

Participants: Veronika Fabian, Silvia Faggiani, Gabriella Goldsmith, Ting Gong, Eva van Kempen, Morgane de Klerk, Laila El Mehelmy, Marek Mrowinksi, Margaret Munchheimer, Stephanie Schuitemaker, Marilyn Volkman, Joanne Vosloo

Challenging Jewellery speaks to the conflicting demands and expectations put on “learning” in design education today, caught between individual entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, research and social collectivity... A wide range of students – coming from traditions of goldsmithing, jewellery, design, art, economics, performance – joined BLESS in this fearless multidimensional inquiry into value. The program became an embodied experiment in challenging instant output as the central demand in design education: to make packaged people-brands ready for the market. Challenging Jewellery, rather, gestured to freedom and the non-linear path of human and creative growth, which one can only hope that students took with them – directly and unconsciously. The Challenging Jewellery program made students think beyond disparate markets and institutions in order to garner free thinking and encourage fearlessness – and ultimately, to build something, creatively, alone and together.
-BLESS (Desiree Heiss, Ines Kaag)

Coordinator: Marilyn Volkman