Het HEM, Sandberg Instituut Graduation 2020, Zaandam, The Netherlands
Artist Run Chicago 2.0, the Hyde park Art Center, Chicago, USA

New Center of Fashion & Design Culture, NEO- CRAFT, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Rietveld Academie, Opening Day, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Weinberg/Newton Gallery, The Way the Mystic Sees, Chicago, USA
Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Perspectives, Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands
The Renaissance Society, Vernacular Modernism all Over the Deep South (OLS), Chicago, USA
The Sandberg Instituut, NEO- CRAFT: Ideal World Currency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

OT301, Highs & Lows, NEO- CRAFT: Prelude to Infinity, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
De School, We Have Something to Say, Radio Broadcast, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Nightingale Cinema, NEO- CRAFT: Bad Romance, Chicago, USA
Zeitz MOCAA, Publishing Against the Grain (OLS), Cape Town, South Africa
TUSK, An Exhibition of Scent, Chicago, USA
EXPO Chicago, Our Literal Speed + Art & Language, Chicago, USA

Williams College, screening of Emergencia (OLS), Williamstown, USA

Gallery 400, “Regarde-Moi”, Emergencia (OLS), University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
12th Havana Biennial, Art Present, Fabrica de Arte Cubano, Havana, Cuba
*CONNEXION ARC, NEO- CRAFT: Introduction to Limitlessness, Fredericton, Canada
The Clark Institute, Art and Emergency, Williamstown, USA
Whitney Independent Study Program, Screening of Nevermade (OLS), New York, USA

Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (CDAV), E/: Session II, Havana, Cuba
Reva and Logan Center for the Arts, screening of Nevermade (OLS), Chicago, USA
Whitespace, Presentism, Atlanta, USA

*EPCOR Center, NEO- CRAFT: The Franchise of Meaning, Calgary, Canada
*The New Gallery, NEO- CRAFT: Force Technologies, Calgary, Canada
Bergen Assembly Triennial, Monday Begins on Saturday (OLS), Bergen, Norway
*The Banff Centre, NEO- CRAFT: Pre-discovery Techniques, Banff, Canada
The Graham Foundation, “7 March 1965,” (OLS), Selma, USA

Angels Gate Cultural Center, Immigrant/Emigrant, San Pedro, USA
The Steve Harvey Show, Merging Art & Science, Ask Steve, NBC Studios, Chicago, USA
College Art Association, Band of Outsiders, curated by Catherine Sullivan. New York, USA

High Concepts Lab, Did You Know Nicole Kidman Acts in Her Own Work, Chicago, USA
Eel Space, Contingent Conventions, Chicago, USA
The Big Screen Project, Screening of ANSWERS, New York, USA
Film Studies Center, Screening of UNIFORM, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

*DOVA TEMP, Holding A Time Like This, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA