NEO- CRAFT is a fully integrated system of philosophical thinking tools allowing art producers to proactively engage with systems of power by utilizing expressive potential for personal and social gain. Focusing on the creation of meaningful art experiences, the philosophy of NEO- CRAFT does not propose specific outcomes, but re-imagines the values of professionalism with a special interest in creating ties between contemporary capitalism and developing arenas. The project creates a range of experiences for individual artists and community members through live seminars, informational videos, audio guides, workbooks and takeaway objects. In a web of defamiliarized coordinates, these are, if anything, time-tested residual strategies for self-realization.

New Center of Fashion & Design Culture (NoCC), NEO- CRAFT, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 2019
Weinberg/Newton Gallery, The Way the Mystic Sees, Chicago, United States, 2019
The Sandberg Instituut, NEO- CRAFT: Ideal World Currency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019
OT301, Highs & Lows, NEO- CRAFT: Prelude to Infinity, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018
The Nightingale Cinema, NEO- CRAFT: Bad Romance, Chicago, United States, 2017
CONNEXION ARC, NEO- CRAFT: Introduction to Limitlessness, Fredericton, Canada, 2015
University of Chicago, NEO- CRAFT: Loneliness Chapel with Danny Volk, Chicago, United States, 2013
EPCOR Centre, NEO- CRAFT: The Franchise of Meaning, Calgary, Canada, 2013
The John Snow House, NEO- CRAFT: Force Technologies, Calgary, Canada, 2013
The Banff Centre, NEO- CRAFT: Introduction to Limitlessness, Banff, Canada, 2013