Class Ring
Class Ring
created by EVERYTHING IS VALUES & Dr. Kimberly Modic

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The EVERYTHING IS VALUES Class Ring is made in collaboration with Dr. Kimberly Modic with contributions from Dr. Scott Waitukaitis, Todor Asenov, Dora Des and Eva van Kempen, 2020

Born from a collaboration between the film’s characters and the physicist Dr. Kimberly Modic, The EVERYTHING IS VALUES Class Ring engraves ninety-four pages of Volkman’s thesis novel at nano-size onto a silicon wafer set in stainless steel. Dr. Modic, a specialist in quantum materials, collaborated with the project at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria, where she used micro-structuring techniques and a focused-ion beam (FIB) to craft the narrative-based element of the class ring alongside the novel’s characters. The ring is readable through appointment with the project and a scanning-electron microscope (SEM) in a scientific lab.

About the Collaboration:
Dr. Kimberly Modic works with unconventional superconductors, quantum spin liquids, and topological semimetals at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria. A grand experimental challenge of the Modic lab, is to determine the broken symmetries and topological structure of emergent states of matter.