BLESS N°28 Climate Confusion Assistance
BLESS N°28 Climate Confusion Assistance
Stylefree Pin

BLESS guides the two year Masters programme of Fine Arts, Design & Interior Architecture at Sandberg Instituut as department heads. The department is open from 2018-2020 only. The temporary programme, Challenging Jewellery, focuses on building a persuasive collective. One that could be defined as both a corporate association and a movement, driven by a common interest in ‘team spirit’ and the relevance of the silent side of the beauty. The initiative is driven and operated by way of a fully-functioning company structure.

BLESS N°28 Climate Confusion Assistance, Stylefree Pin

BLESS is a visionary substitute to make the near future worth living for.
She is an outspoken female – more woman than girl. She’s not a chosen beauty, but doesn’t go unnoticed. Without a definite age she could be more between her mid twenties and forties. B. hangs around with a special style of man. She has no nationality and thinks that sport is quite nice. She’s always attracted by temptations and loves change. She lives right now and her surroundings are charged by her presence. She tends to be future orientated. BLESS is a project that presents ideal and artistic values by products to the public.