RITUALISTIC TECHNOLOGY (RT) is an exhibition, performance and conference series that redefines technology through the lens of spirituality, recurrent action, and material transitivity. The project invites international artists, designers and scientists to collapse the distance between knowledge and its practical applications in search of results at the moment when purpose and value emerge from metaphysical exploration. The series explores current impulses to reclaim agency over social architectures, reposition values of material properties, and resurrect forgotten strategies for physical and psychological understanding. RITUALISTIC TECHNOLOGY elicits new methodologies toward extracting value where non-material, ‘extra-logical’, or otherwise overlooked innovations and their generating sources play the central role.

Whether these projects take the form of a worldview based in algorithmic recurrences in the Mayan calendar, an investigation of control through daily movements of light and shadow, or led screen components configured to emit heat rather than images, Ritualistic Technology does not begin with developing systems for extracting through software or machines, but approaches the recurrent, symbolic, and ritual elements of research underutilized in discussions surrounding technology, and not readily distinguishable as such.

CURRENT PARTICIPANTS: Masha Ru (Russian Artist/Mathematician), Branly Lopéz (Guatemala), David Cordero (N. American Designer), Julio Llopiz-Casal (Cuban Artist), Silke Xenia Juul (Dannish Writer/Artist), Duniesky Martín (Cuban Artist), Dan Paz (N. American Artist), Camila Ramírez Lobón (Cuban Artist), Sam Kellogg (N. American Media Studies PhD), Kevin Avila (Cuban Artist), Maria Carla Bellido (Cuban Artist), Steven Cottingham (N. American Artist), Adrián Curbelo Díaz (Cuban Artist), Mario Sergio Álvarez González (Cuban Artist), Fabián Alejandro González Escobar (Cuban Artist), Cristian Noda (Cuban Artist), Scott Waitukaitis (N. American Physicist), Amin Mohammadaliei (Iranian Cultural Producer), Maurice Haedo/Co-Pincha (Cuban Designer/Makerspace Organizer), Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera (Cuban-American Artist) / 2019 HAVANA PARTICIPANTS: Silke Xenia Juul, Masha Ru, Cristian Noda, Dan Paz, Albert Ortiz, David Cordero, Harold Ramirez Veliz, Judit Ferreras, Sergio Marrero, Sam Kellogg, Steven Cottingham, Amalia Echemedia

Marilyn Volkman

The Embassy of the Netherlands, Mondriaan fonds, North Central College, and private donations

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