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Gift Economies: Sometimes Art Space, Havana
Gift Economies: Sometimes Art Space, Havana
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Abstractions, 2015
by: Aay Preston-Myint
Medium: digital files (cd & online), prints on paper 5"x 5"

"Abstractions" is a digital mixtape and online archive reflecting on contemporary black American experience, as inspired by the format of the Cuban "paquete semanal" and the monthly mixtapes disseminated by my DJ collective, Chances Dances.

Abstracciones, 2015
Materiales digitales (cd & online), impresiones en papel, 5 x 5
Abstracciones es una combinación digital y online de archivos que reflejan la experiencia de la negritud Americana, inspirada en el formato del paquete semanal y combinaciones diseminadas mensualmente por el colectivo de DJs Chances Dances. — at Sometimes Art Space.