My practice focuses a critical lens onto notions of value and the role art plays in creating, upholding and deconstructing the systems it critiques. This dialectic is intrinsically related to political radicality, the rebellious consciousness of culture, non-, local, outsider art and its many injections into the art world.  I gravitate toward ideas that have the potential to transform the mental into the emotive, the technical into the physical, the intellectual into experience. My work does this by negotiating issues, inventing solutions, banding people together as a poetic gesture of human force at the same time deconstructing the notion of value it has created. While some of my work can be called performative, photographic, journalistic, it is all purposefully gestural. I aim to expand the media claimed by art to include motivational speaking, sharing/gifting economies, educational reform and legal minutiae. My work is a fusion of deep research, purposive action, gestural movement, cinematic imagery and improvised arrangement.  In my practice, the audience constantly returns to the notion of value. What makes us value this or that? What pushes us over the edge from thought to action?  What transforms desire into defeat? What is the difference between an idea and belief? This is the line of questioning that touches upon an unsubstantiated hypothesis — real power today isn’t where we expect it to be, it’s beyond it, it’s above it, it’s the absence and essence of it. I am interested in artists and researchers who learn to act and think differently, who make work outside of the limitations of categorizable disciplines, and who chose to work with ideas that push beyond the confines of their own materiality; through amplified feedback on the art system itself, I look toward the outcomes where distortion leads to discovery.


Art is an incubator for boundary-pushing, hyper-curious, risk-taking individuals who approach life as a question rather than an occupation. With programming as diverse as the people who create it, exhibitions can produce mind-blowing concepts that invite audiences and participants alike to explore an alternative world fueled by the unexpected.

As an artist and administrator, I gravitate toward ideas that transform, people who push limitations, and art that isn't categorizable by any specific formal discipline. I look for work that asks us to question how we ask questions.